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Alina McKee Bradford is a writer with more than 18 years of experience. Her specialties are health, tech, DIY and lifestyle topics. She also has a substantial social media following.

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3 Tips for Catchy Content Titles » Ghostwritten for Boom

Do you try to scare your readers with headlines?
Well, you probably should.
The first thing a person sees when it comes to content is the title. If your title is boring or is confusing, then your content will be passed over for something that does catch the reader’s eye. The masters of online content are masters because they have figured out the best way to grab the reader’s attention with only a few words. Here are some tricks that will help you do the same.

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Can You Get More Contest Entries with Rignite?

Rignite is social media management software designed to make all of your social media tasks simple. What really interested me were their campaign creation tools.

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How Important are Photos to Your Marketing?

Good photos may be a major missing piece to your marketing tactics. Many marketers focus on text. You need good keywords. You need snappy titles. You need impact words. While text is important to good marketing, photos should also make up a big part of your marketing strategy.

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Is Your SEO Good Enough?

Is your SEO as good as it could be, or are you just kidding yourself? Here’s how to check.

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Why Don't They Love Me? The Ballad of Un-shareable Tweets - Boom

Why Don't They Love Me? The Ballad of Un-shareable ...

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Why Marketers Need to Be Writers

You’re Confusing Google and Other Reasons Why Your Marketing Sucks Without Good Writing.