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How to Choose the Right Graphics Tablet That Fits Your Needs | eBay

Ghostwritten guided created for eBay. A graphics tablets isn't the type of tablet that you use to surf the Internet or to read books on. A graphics tablet is used by designers and artists to transform their ideas into images, much like a digital drawing pad. There are several features that need to be considered when choosing a graphics tablet so that it fits the needs of the person using it.


How to Connect a Mac to a TV | eBay

Ghostwritten guide created for eBay. Connecting a Mac to a television can open up a range of new media possibilities. The television can be used as a monitor or can stream content from Hulu or Netflix, for example. It could also be used to display photo slide shows or presentations using this process, which can be handy for work functions or parties. Generally, there are two ways to hook up a Mac to a television.


How to Protect a PC from Power Surges | eBay

Ghostwritten guide done for eBay.
One simple power surge can take a PC from a helpful, functioning device to a lump of hot plastic and metal within seconds. Other electronics are also in danger of destruction from power surges. Repair costs for surge damage can be expensive and the downtime from a broken computer or other electronics can cost even more. Thankfully, it is very simple to prevent power surge damage.

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How to Set Up a Home Network | eBay

Ghostwritten guide I wrote for eBay.
Having a network at home allows you to use all of your devices with your home internet service. The process of setting up a home network varies, depending on what type of devices you own and your internet provider, but there are some basics you can learn before you start a network. To set up a home network you need a few items.


Top 5 High Resolution Projectors | eBay

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A high resolution can take your family room from average to home theater. There are a lot of projectors on the market, though, so choosing one can take a little research. To narrow the search, we have ranked the top five high resolution projectors for you.