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How to Dress for Your Body Shape

For many, finding the right pair of pants is intimidating. There are so many cuts and styles to choose from. Knowing your body type and which cuts and styles look best on your shape will make finding that perfect pair of pants so much easier. Use a mirror to decide your shape so you can dress to flatter your body type.


How to Roll Up the Sleeves on a Dress Shirt

Rolling up your shirt sleeves may seem like an easy task, but there are several ways to do it to get different effects. Rolling your sleeves a certain way can give you a casual look, a tailored and classic look or I'm-ready-to-work look. You'll want to adjust your technique to mirror your environment and style. You don't want to arrive at the office looking like you're about to head to the bar, after all.


Tips for Finding the Right Athletic Socks

Choosing the wrong sock can be agony during a workout. Bunching, rubbing and sagging can not only ruin your concentration, it can damage the skin on your feet. On the other hand, the right sock can prevent blisters, keep your feet nice and dry and provide warmth on chilly days. What athletic sock you choose depends on personal preferences and exercises you do.