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ALARA Uptown - Apartments for rent

The page isn't there anymore, but here is the copy that I wrote for the company:

Have you ever dreamed about living in the rooms you see in House Beautiful magazine? Well, we wouldn't be surprised if Allure ended up in your dreams, the magazine, or as your new home. The whole complex looks like a 3D pop-up version of the not so subtly named House Beautiful. The kitchens have all the latest stainless steel appliances, and the walls are painted in colors that sound pretentious but feel cozy, like Tuscan and Caramel. The walls of the fitness center shine with chrome like a Terminator about to "pump you up." The list of design details will last longer than your block-long walk to McKinney, the trendy bar. While Allure doesn't have any super amenities (other than the 24-house fitness room and resort pool) what it lacks in basics, it certainly makes up for in smart design.

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Bell Bishop Arts

The page isn't there anymore, but here is the copy that I wrote for the company:
Bell Design District has got the bells and whistles you'd come to expect from a top-of-the line complex in Dallas's downtown Design District. The apartments boast a resort-style pool with underwater speakers, garden tubs, maple or cherry wood cabinets and an outdoor kitchen where you can entertain guests. If you feel like stepping out, Oak and the Gossip Bar are both within walking distance.

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The page isn't there anymore, but here is the copy that I wrote for the company:
Instead of just looking at the Dallas skyline, why not become a part of it? That's what the Cirque Apartment Homes offers. The gigantic complex is a 28 story high-rise located in Victory Park. Though high-rise apartments may be common in places like New York, most of Dallas' apartment complexes are five stories tall at the most - so Cirque is a special flavor of apartment living in the Metroplex area.

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Crossings on Marsh - Apartments for rent

While Crossings on Marsh doesn't boast huge apartments, they do have a lot of charm that may make up for the lack of space. Their best features are the wrap-around fireplaces and the stone floors. The open floor plans make the small spaces seem larger and the views of the Green Belt will make you feel less cramped. Plus, you're only two minutes in either direction from both Lee's Donuts and Young's Donuts if you need a little extra comfort.

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Gables Mirabella - Apartments for rent

If you want to feel like you're getting a staycation everyday, you may want to give Gables Mirabella a try. When you drive up, the building looks like a resort settled among the high-rises of Dallas; the arched entryways make the building look like it belongs near a European vineyard. There's a toss up for the best feature at the Gables Mirabella.

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Gables Uptown Tower - Apartments for rent

Gables Uptown Tower is just that: a 22 story high-rise tower tall enough to please even Rapunzel's witch. Located in Uptown Dallas, the site features a great location near the Arts District, public transportation and, for the runners - or simply those who enjoy getting a healthy dose of vitamin D -

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Heres The Real Reason Youll Move to The ICON at Ross

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Hillburn Hills

Hillburn Hills has an undeniably homey feel to it that will draw homebodies right in. The ample trees and flowers makes the site inviting, and the playground makes you feel like the Hillburn Hills owners really want families to feel at home at the complex.

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Lure at Cedar Springs

Though it may not be spacious enough for a big party crowd, Lure at Cedar Springs has sufficient room for a family. The closets are large and come with shelves for organizing your 80s sweater collection and rock tees that you swore you'd get rid of. The kitchen also has a pantry that will make you feel like hosting your own cooking show. The living room, dining area and the bedrooms are also cramp-free, which is a great perk when it comes to apartment living. If you're new to the city, or simply looking to fill up your spacious living accommodations with all of the latest in interior design and clothes, visit North Park Mall and the West Village Shopping Center just around the corner.

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Marquis at State Thomas

Just because you love living the life of an artist doesn't mean you have to live in the grungy loft apartment scene. There are other choices! Take, for instance the Marquis is located in the historic Thomas Avenue area, which is in walking distance of the Dallas Arts District.

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Park On Preston

The Park on Preston is as cute as a button - and in most cases, almost as small as one. The main office looks like a cottage, complete with an adorable, albeit tiny front porch. The apartments have charming details like brick accents. The cute rooms are so small, though, they may have been meant for hobbits. Don't think of it as cramped; think of it as cozy! Outside, you've got a plethora of options when it comes to other comforts, for example, both the Banana Leaf and the Coffee House are just a stones throw away from your front door.

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Post Cole's Corner

Post Cole's Corner proves that sherbert and melon aren't just refreshing to eat - they look darn good on a wall as well. These apartments feature accent walls that pop out at you in the colors of mint green, melon orange and pastel orange. These are set off with electric blue doors and gas lamps in the building's corridors. While this bold style may not be for everyone, you can't argue that the over-sized tubs and floor-to-ceiling windows aren't nice touches that are hard to find in other apartments. Combine that with the charming tree-lined streets and the convenience of Uptown Dallas, and you have a great combination. The one possible downside is the complex's proximity to a large cemetery. These are nearly impossible to see from the comfort of your home, however, and Robert E. Lee Park and it's beautiful river will quickly help you forget any less-scenic or inspiring nearby locations.

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Post Heights

Goin' back to Cali? Don't bother. Post Heights was designed to make put a little LA haven in your Dallas. It sports stucco exteriors, a beach-y pool area and sun-drenched colors that scream the Coast with the Most. Dallas likes to call itself the Third Coast, but now you can tell yourself you made it the second. Between the reflecting pool and rooftop terrace, you'll have everything you need to shoot your very own episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. Post Heights is located in the beautiful and oh-so-trendy State-Thomas Historic District and puts you in striking distance from the Arts District. When it's time for some margaritas and ceviche on the patio, McKinney is just a few minutes drive away.

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Post Vineyard

Post Vineyard is situated in the middle of, well, everything in Dallas. It is just minutes from the West End, the Arts District and the central business district. Unfortunately, this also means that it is near Deep Ellum, which is known as a hard party side of Dallas. If you are into that, then you'll feel right at home stumbling into your cozy apartment at one in the morning. If you're a retired party-animal, or this just never fit your lifestyle, you could be a little uncomfortable going home at night. Despite that, most residents will love the feeling of easy access to the best Dallas has to offer. If you don't own a car, the location is ideal because there are plenty of shops and entertainment venues within walking distance and the train runs next to the apartments. You'll always feel like you're at the center of the universe here, so watch out for an inflated head.