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Alina McKee Bradford is a writer with more than 18 years of experience. Her specialties are health, tech, DIY and lifestyle topics. She also has a substantial social media following.

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My inbox is overflowing article

5 Examples of Awful and Awesome Email Subject Lines…and Maybe a Few Shades of Grey

I get a lot of email newsletters, PR emails, special offers, blog alerts…you name it, my email is full of it. I like to keep up-to-date on what others are doing in my industry. To be able write for my clients, I need to stay in-the-know about what’s happening in other industries, too. So, when it comes to email subject lines I’ve seen them all. (Plus, in my almost two decades of copywriting, I’ve written my fair share.)

Let me tell you something: a bunch of you guys are doing it all wrong. Let’s look at some examples and I’ll tell you why they miss the mark.

Content marketing award 300x162 article

5 Tips for Getting Really Good at Twitter

Recently, I was named one of the 2015 Top 50 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Before the summer of 2014, I never really bothered with Twitter. I concentrated on Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. I struggled with Facebook after they’ve made so many changes and I realized that it may not be the best social media site for my type of business. So, I decided to give Twitter a shot. I mean, I had an account, I just wasn’t using it. I’ve done plenty of Twitter work for clients. Why wasn’t I using it for my own business?

Well, that decision was a fantastic move. I now have more than 1,000 followers and I didn’t buy a single one, either. What did I do to get so many followers and to get named as a person to follow?

Alina bradford article

About Me - Alina Bradford

Alina Bradford has more than 16 years of experience in the publishing world. Alina has helped 100s of companies over the years with their content needs. Here are just a few:...

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Alina Bradford - Content Strategist, Social Media Manager ...

Alina Bradford - Content Strategist, Social Media M...


Alina Bradford, Online Content Specialist

Alina Bradford is an expert in SEO content, graphic design and social media for businesses. She is an experienced illustrator...

Carrie bradshaw with joe friday article

Are You a Sex and the City Writer or a Dragnet Blogger?

Your style of writing is important. It is what will make people follow your blogs and search for your guest posts. When you’re deciding what your brand’s voice will be, there is one thing you need to be clear on: Are you a Sex and the City writer or a Dragnet writer? Confused?

Let me explain.

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A Tour of My Office: How to Keep Your Desk and Office a Happy Place

A Tour of My Office: How to Keep Your Desk and Offi...

Getting eyes on your brand article

Attention Getting Tips for Your Brand from 3 Experts

My goal is to get eyes on my client’s brand. I got to wondering how other marketers do the same. So, I sent out a call to people in the industry for their best tips. Here are some great lessons from three experts.

Fluff article

Bad Content is Bad Customer Service

Are you giving your visitors bad customer service by posting fluff to your site? Let me tell you a little story.

Branding your business article

Brand Management Extravaganza, What to Read this Week: March ...

Brand Management Extravaganza, What to Read this We...

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Build Your Email List and Please Your Customers: What to Read this ...

Build Your Email List and Please Your Customers: Wh...

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Clients & Clips - Alina Bradford

I've helped many companies with their content needs. Some of my happy clients include these businesses, below. Specialty: health, science, business topics....

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Consultations - Alina Bradford

Would you like to: Drive more traffic to your site? Improve your website's bounce rate? Sell your products more efficiently? Get a consultation with me....

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Content Creation Classes - Alina Bradford

You've got a brand. You've got a site. This content creation class will teach you to put the two together. Get help from an expert....

Google seo tips article

Does Social Media Affect SEO?

There has been a lot of buzz about how social media accounts affect the SEO of a brand’s website. The 2013 Moz Search Ranking Factors study has already concluded that pages with Google+1, Facebook likes, tweets, and comments rank better than sites that don’t. That’s not what I’m out to prove, though. I want to prove that by simply having posts that link to your site on social media search engines will send more traffic your way.